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Help with calculating Square feet for the area you need to tile FORMULA

Help with calculating the number of tiles required if the tile is LESS or MORE in size than a square foot .

All tiles we sell have a description of its size eg:

A-1 tile covers 0.86 feet ( this one is less than a square foot )

B-1 tile covers 1.12 feet ( this tile is bigger than 1 square foot)

Using 10 feet as a area that has to be tiled :

A- 10 sq ft divide by 0.86 = 11.62 ( so you will need to buy 12 tiles )

B- 10 sq ft divide by 1.12 = 8.92 ( so you will need to buy 9 tiles )

We recommend you purchase at least 5% more tiles to accommodate for cutting and fitting corners or around switches / taps / windows or if the Mosaic tile has un even sides .

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