Q. Are you a Company or a Home based business ?

A. We are a Incorporated company with a 3000 square foot warehouse located mid town  , established in 2011.

Q. What are your shipping costs.

A. Ground courier Shipping to Canada and USA is FREE to homes in major cities, some conditions apply to homes in remote locations and some territories, refer to our shipping term details.

Q. How quickly will my goods arrive?

A. We ship out by UPS Ground and provide a tracking number which gives you real time tracking , delivery is approximate 2 to 11 business days depending on your postal code

Q. What about packaging.

A. All tiles are professionally packed , Tiles are double boxed , Outer box is a double walled box meant for international transport , inner tile box is secured with Styrene / Styrophoam or bubble wrap.

Q. If I run short will the tiles still be available ?

A. We expect you to apply your tiles within 15 days of receiving them. Most of our designs are guaranteed to be in stock for at least that year , but if a tile is going to be discontinued or is at a low stock level , you will be informed at time of purchase of stock quantities so you will have the option of purchasing a few extra.

Q. If I have a tile business would you provide larger quantities or designs specific to my requirement ?

A. Yes .

Q. How do you clean these tiles if dirt or kitchen oils get on them

A. Warm water and soft cloth a mild detergent can also be used .