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Hawaii Tide Blue Glass Mosaic Bath Backsplash Wall Tile

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This unusual chip shape brings out a typical ocean feeling. It generates a relaxed atmosphere whether used on walls, floors, or inside tubs. This tile is often used in spas and the color combination exploits surf and calm. 
    Additional Information:
    • Size: 11.61" x 11.61"
    • Number of Pieces Included: 1
    • Sq. ft. per 1 Quantity: 0.94
    • Mesh Backing
    • Italian first quality mosaic tiles
    • Sold by the square foot

    Detailed Description:

    • Primary colours: Deep tide blue
    • Material Type: Glass
    • Country of Manufacture: China
    • Chip Size: Mixed
    • Finish: Gloss
    • Sheet Size: 295 x 295 mm
    • Chips per sheet: 70
    • Thickness: 8 mm
    • Design: The effect is created inside the glass, the upper surface is smooth
    • Cleaning: Warm water and a soft cloth
    • Use: Walls, Floors
    • Tile: Recommend you buy an additional tile to fit the sides
    • Chips: Chips are mounted on a mesh and can be easily cut with scissors
    • Glass: Does not need any cutting as various size chips can fit any space
    • Grout: Recommended smooth.
    • Note: Pictures show floor application