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Silver Sticks Mirror Glass Wall Mosaic Tile

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The tile consists of different design chips which consist of a print, white frosted glass and mirror glass, with an equal distribution of each piece, so you don't get a total mirror reflection effect.

    Additional Information:
    • Size: 12.6" x 12.6"
    • Number of Pieces Included: 1
    • Sq. ft. per 1 Quantity: 1.1
    • Mesh Backing
    • Glass Mirror Tile in Linear Strips
    • Sold by the full sheet

    Detailed Description:

    • Collection: Reflective Series
    • Primary colours: Silver White
    • Material Type: Glass
    • Country of Manufacture: China
    • Chip Size: 7 x 52 mm
    • Finish: Polished and frosted surface
    • Design: Patterns are inside glass / upper surface is flat
    • Sheet Size: 300 x 300 mm
    • Chips per sheet: 228
    • Thickness: 4 mm
    • Surface: Smooth and impression chip 
    • This stunning tile looks amazing installed vertically behind a flat stove in a kitchen.
    • It is also used in spas, bars, bedroom walls and in offices reception areas.
    • Note: The long tile picture consists of more than 1 tile put together and is for display purposes only. In this mosaic tile, the chips have coarse edges this is due to the thinness of the glass and the delicate cutting process, this is seen only when viewed from very very close Once grouted and finished this is not seen. I have put close-up pictures for better viewing.